The Blueprint on Jazz FM Saturday December 2nd 2017

This week it’s a proper international edition where award-winning Finnish pianist Aki Rissanen joined me in session solo piano and to talk about his new album ‘Another North.’ There’s new music from French pianist Tony Tixier, Grammy nominated Alan Ferber Big Band, British saxophonist Julian Siegel, British bassist Matthew Read, German pianist Pablo Held and a little Christmas flavour from drummer Matt Wilson during Advent!


  • Blanco Y Negro – The Munch [Timbero]
  • Danilo Perez – Hot Bean Strut [PanaMonk]
  • Tony Tixier – Home At Last [Life of Sensitive Creatures]
  • Menagerie – Evolution
  • Jazzmeia Horn – East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) [A Social Call]
  • Alan Ferber Big Band – Lost In The Hours [Jigsaw]
  • Collective X – Banaz [Love and Protest]
  • Hello Skinny – Signs [Watermelon Sun]
  • Reinhard Flatischler – Swinging Kangogis [Mega Drums]
  • Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Moanin’ (ft. Jon Hendricks) [Buhaina]
  • Marcus Miller – Tutu (Live at Saint Emilion Jazz Festival 2016 – ft. Tom Ibarra)
  • Kiss The Sky – Once in a While You Can Hear It (Featuring Isabelle Rivera) [Kiss The Sky]
  • Yazz Ahmed – Al Emadi [La Saboteuse]
  • White From Black – Bad Trip [Where is Africa?]
  • Julian Siegel Quartet – Idea [Vista]
  • Ilios Steryannis – The Group of 7 [Bethany Project]
  • Azar Lawrence – Forces Of Nature [Bridge Into The New Age]
  • Aki Rissanen – New Life And Other Beginnings [Another North]
  • Aki Rissanen – Blind Desert (Jazz FM Live Session)
  • Aki Rissanen – Nature Of The Beast (Jazz FM Live Session)
  • Aki Rissanen – John’s Sons [Another North]
  • Matthew Read Trio – Many Roads Travelled [Anecdotes Vol 2]
  • Denys Baptiste – Dear Lord [Late Trane]
  • Alexander Hawkins – Elaine Mitchener Quartet – UpRoot [UpRoot]
  • Pablo Held – Pinatubo [Glow II]
  • Matt Wilson – The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late) [Matt Wilson’s Christmas Tree-O]

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