The Blueprint on Jazz FM Saturday November 18th 2017

New music this week from London group Beat Replacement (unreleased), Butcher Brown, Danish vocalist Sinne Eeg, saxophonists Eric Alexander and Steve Slagle and more.


  • Nathan Haines – Doot Dude (ft. Lyric L) [Squire For Hire]
  • Hot 8 Brass Band – Can’t Nobody Get Down (Alphabets Heaven Remix) [On The Spot EP]
  • Beat Replacement – 9th Realm (Rare Sessions)
  • Omar Sosa – So All Freddie [Eggun]
  • Stafford Hunter – A Walk In Bari [Continuum]
  • Butcher Brown – Lysol [Live at Vagabond]
  • Donald Byrd – Fufu [Kofi]
  • Stan Sulzman with Big Band – Chu-Chu [Live At The Spotted Dog]
  • Eric Alexander – Grinder [Song Of No Regrets]
  • Geri Allen – Obtuse Angles [Live At The Village Vanguard]
  • Ben Lee Quintet – Kickin’ the Chicken [In the Tree]
  • Nicole Mitchell and Haki Madhubuti – Move Into Our Own [Liberation Narratives]
  • Sinne Eeg – Dreams [Dreams]
  • Steve Slagle – Sun Song [Dedication]
  • Clovis Nicolas – Speak a Gentle Word [Freedom Suite Ensuite]
  • Bruce Harris  The Step [Beginnings]
  • Ilios Steryannis – The Group of 7 [Bethany Project]
  • Omar Sosa & NDR Bigband – Cha Cha Du Nord [es:sensual]
  • Sean Gibbs’ Fervour – Cheer Up Old Bean [Live At The Spotted Dog]
  • Eyebrow – Soapstone [Strata]
  • Django Bates’ Belovèd – Senza Bitterness [The Study Of Touch]
  • Maciej Obara Quartet – Sleepwalker [Unloved]
  • Mammal Hands – Transfixed [Shadow Work]
  • Gregory Lewis – Blue Hawk [Organ Monk Blue]
  • Brother Jack McDuff & David Newman – But It’s Alright [Double Barrelled Soul]

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