The Blueprint on Jazz FM Saturday August 12th 2017

This week there’s new music from British vocalist Zara McFarlane, D.C trumpeter Harold Little, John Beasley from Vol.2 of his ‘Presents Monk’estra’ project, Christian McBride Big band, Meg Morley Trio, Cecile McLorin Salvant live, free jazzer Dan Phillips and British saxophonist Dave O’Higgins.


  • Zara McFarlane – In Between Worlds [Arise]
  • Harold Little – Stomp The Roaches [Akoben]
  • John Beasley – I Mean You [Presents MONK’estra, Volume 2]
  • Julian Gerstin Sextet – I Remember It Differently [The One Who Makes You Happy]
  • (U)nity – Avenue 15 (feat. Pino Palladino & Pedrito Martinez) [(U)nity is Power]
  • Courtney Pine – Darker Than Blue (ft. Omar) [Black Notes From The Deep]
  • Jeff Parker – Cliche [The New Breed]
  • Avishai Cohen – The Gift [Devotion]
  • Andrew Hill – Noon Tide [Passing Ships]
  • Gareth Lockrane Big Band – Do It [Fistfight at the Barndance]
  • Christian McBride Big Band – Sahara [Bringin’ It]
  • Kevin Eubanks – Captain Señor Mouse [East West Time Line]
  • Sibusile Xaba – Liyabukwa [Open Letter To Adoniah]
  • Meg Morley Trio – Meandering [Can’t Get Started]
  • Jane Ira Bloom – One Note From One Bird [Wild Lines: Improvising Emily Dickinson]
  • Marc Copland – Mr D J [Better By Far]
  • Christian Sands – ¡Óyeme! [Reach]
  • Cedar Walton – Bolivia [Eastern Rebellion]
  • Cécile McLorin Salvant – The Best Thing For You (Would Be Me) [Dreams And Daggers]
  • Karin Krog – SAS Blues [The Many Faces of Karin Krog – Singing the Blues]
  • Benny Green – Take the Coltrane [Prelude]
  • Dan Phillips Quartet – Conspicuous Con [Converging Tributaries]
  • Lucia Cadotsch – Speak Low [Speak Low]
  • Dave O’Higgins – Alien With Extraordinary Ability [It’s Always 9:30 in Zog]
  • Lee Morgan – Search For The New Land [Search For New Land]


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