The Blueprint on Jazz FM Saturday June 17th 2017

This week new music from Vels Trio and drum & bass Don Goldie covers Pat Metheny! There’s rich music from Liebman and Lovano in tribute to Trane, Charles Lloyd, bassist Gerald Cannon, British band Big Bad Wolf, Grammy winning drummer Trevor Lawrence, pianist Dan Tepfer, Northern Ireland-based US saxophonist Meleina Gillard and Amir ElSaffar’s Rivers of Sound Orchestra.


  • Vels Trio – Yellow Ochre Pt.1 [Yellow Ochre]
  • Antonio Faraò – Line (Ft. Krayzie Bone) [Eklektik]
  • Goldie – Are You Going With Me [The Journey Man]
  • Misha Mullov-Abbado – Shanti Bell [Cross Platform Interchange]
  • Zara McFarlane – All Africa (Alternate Version) [All Africa]
  • Marco Marconi Trio – Vamos Azucar [Trialogue]
  • Dave Liebman / Joe Lovano – Olé [Compassion: The Music Of John Coltrane]
  • Donald Brown – I Love It When You Dance That Way [People Music]
  • Charles Lloyd New Quartet – Passin’ Thru [Passin’ Thru]
  • Big Bad Wolf – Pond Life [Pond Life]
  • Snazzback – Priorities
  • Gerald Cannon – One For Amos [Combinations]
  • David Restivo – The Bull And The Roses [The Waves]
  • Charles Tolliver / Music Inc – Earl’s World [Compassion]
  • Trevor Lawrence Jr. – The Guts (feat Shariff Simmons, Terrace Martin) [Relationships]
  • Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds – Believe [Sounds Of Crenshaw Vol. 1]
  • Billy Jenkins With The Voice Of God Collective – Monkey Men [Scratches Of Spain]
  • George Schuller Trio – House Of Blue Lime [Life’s Little Dramas]
  • The Dan Tepfer Trio – 547 [Eleven Cages]
  • Meleina Gillard – Gene’s Scene [Dream Within A Dream]
  • Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet – Burning Hot [December Avenue]
  • Olie Brice Quintet – Another Mad Yak [Day After Day]
  • Camille Thurman – Sassy’s Blues [Inside The Moment]
  • Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan – Wildwood Flower [Small Town]
  • Danilo Perez – Panama 500 [Panama 500]
  • Amir ElSaffar’s Rivers of Sound Orchestra – Jourjina Over Three [Not Two]

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